Sunday, January 3, 2010

28 Dec 09

it was good to talk to you all too!!! i really do love the people here and the missionaries i work with. obviously it's hard to work with some people but that's what life is all about. Charity and love! which i have grown in a lot but i still need a lot of work :-)

the pictures are so cute! it looks like the family is all doing so well! everyone looks really good.

We had a good Christmas, Sister Lotulelei got to talk to her family it made her so happy :-) then we went to our Bishops house for dinner it was fun. they are such a sweet family! Then we made dinner for some of our LA and investigators and so we took that to them. (i am not sure if i told you but one of our LA's Ella, he son just died and he was the one that took care of her, now she lives all alone! i feel so bad for her) so it was a great day, and obviously i got to talk to you :-)

we are trying to find those that are ready for the gospel. i once heard someone say that God wouldn't put missionaries into an area that there wasn't anyone ready to hear the gospel... so i am hanging all my hope on that and trying to find those people!

well have fun in southern aren't too far from me! you should go to 4-corners and i can accidentally run into you there! just kidding i get to see you soon enough.

well love you all and hope you have a wonderful break and travel safely where ever you go! xoxo

Sister Marchant

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