Saturday, January 23, 2010

18 Jan 10


this week was pretty slow :-( except on Sunday we had stake conference and Elder Romeo Villareal of the 70 came! he held a meeting for all the recent converts (within the past year). we went too of course. it was awesome! and then on Saturday Jan 23 Richard G. Scott is coming to talk to the missionaries, ward mission leaders, and bishops. i can't wait! i have never even been in the same room as an apostle :-) i will let you know how it goes!

That's so fun that you got to play nertz with Lucy and jenny. sis. neilson took us to farmington yesterday. she spoils us, she took us to eat and bought us groceries. Plus she is great company! always a riot :-)

mom i might enjoy going to st. George on the 20th. i need to keep busy or i am going to go crazy! plus it will be fun to see everyone. then Abby and Alex wouldn't have to fly out to Michigan, we could just go visit them in salt lake. just tell everyone not to judge me because i am low maintenance (i don't even blow dry my hair anymore AHHHH)

dad that church is beautiful! Thank you for the pictures, i especially enjoyed the pig's head! haha

we have zone conference tomorrow i am excited! i always love the energy and motivation that it brings :-)

all our snow has melted and it has been raining, so our truk has an layer of mud on it. (not a lot of paved roads around here) luckily it's sunny today :-)

how is everyone's Book of Mormon reading going? i hope it's going good :-) love you all and you are always in my prayers

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nertzfan said...

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