Friday, October 31, 2008

Oct 26

Well we have to switch our weekly planning session to Friday night so we are in early on Halloween so that’s kinda a bummer. You know me; I wanted to go trick or treating! But we get to eat dinner at the ward Halloween party which is exciting that we at least have something to dress up for. I’m not exactly sure what we are going to be yet, but I think its grandma sisters. We got some wigs from an investigator so we will have some awesome pics :-)

Those pics from the MTC are cool huh? Aw man, I loved the MTC. I still miss it even though I have been out here longer than there (which is weird.) I can't believe I have almost been out in the field for a month, Ah! But you don't have to put them together on a DVD we were going to do something cooler but we didn't ever get to it, so don't worry about it thanks though :-)

That's fun that you are having Matt over. Tell him I say "hello”. So Marina and Brian are engaged! That’s awesome tell them congrats :-) Man, the holidays are going to be hard! But I will make it through.

Well this week was a slow week, (seems like a month) but we did a lot of tracting and it's getting kinda cold (speaking of, mom if you could send me a couple sweaters that would be awesome) and one day people were just on a roll! Everyone wanted to argue and this one lady told us that we were a cult and we didn't believe in Jesus Christ and all this stuff, it was crazy! Haha she wouldn't let us go, she kept saying, "why don't you stand up for your religion" so we had to literally just walk away while she was still talking! Haha it was funny but it made me think about why I am here and why people think we are a cult and things like that. I wish I could go thank her for strengthening my testimony because she did. Its funny how she was trying to get us to go away from the church, but it brought me closer Jesus and knowing that it is the true church that I am out here for the right reasons. People are funny, gotta love them :-)

We made this board game called "celestial life" and you start in pre-mortal life and then get baptized and go to the temple and go on a mission and get married and the ending is the celestial kingdom. You have to answer questions and role the die to move forward. It’s so awesome! And it's a great review tool; we have questions from preach my gospel lessons 1-4. Everyone loves the game. This one less active member wants to play it every Monday, and we have a game called "celestial pursuit" and we use those questions now. Haha it's really fun.

One day we were playing it with this part member family and we were talking about Thomas S. Monson and said how he has a photographic memory and promises that if we memorize a scripture a day we will get one too. Well the dad was in the other room and he goes... "Wait! Your prophet has a pornographic memory" oh man we were all laughing so hard!! It was so funny.

Since we were tracting a lot this week we decided to memorize scriptures while walking so we are memorizing scripture mastery (good thing I didn't memorize them when I was in seminary or I would have nothing to do while tracting... right mom????) well we are going to work really really hard this week because next week is our last week and Sis. Bateman wants to visit members because she is going home and she has to pack, so this week is going to be awesome but I dunno about next week :-\ But anyways! I love you all and remember that God loves you and to ensure happiness put him first in your life. You can't go wrong if you do that :-) Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Sister Marchant

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Pictures

Just got a disk full of Lizzie's pictures. Check them out by clicking the slideshow on the right.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Oct 20

That picture is terrible! it was such a long day, I had been up since 3:45 am (LOL) and I forgot we were taking pictures at the end of the night so I put my hair up! Oops, don't' show too many people that picture. I will send my sd card home soon. I am going to send it in a padded envelope because I have heard many stories about them being stolen out of envelopes so be careful when you send them back :-)

Yesterday we went over to the Nielsen's (Lucy's parents) house again for dinner. Bro. Nielson said that I need to be careful about what I write in my e-mails to my parents because it got back to him really fast! ha-ha

My address for the next 3 weeks or so is:
118 N Sligo apt. D
Cortez, Co 81321
(Just be careful because transfers are in a few weeks and I might not be here anymore :-)

It sounds like relief society is going well :-) Stake young mens! Wahoo :-) With the way things are going in the next couple years Mom will be stake RS pres.

Well, this week... what happened..? It has been pretty uneventful. We got two new investigators which is exciting. We got both of them tracting which is a miracle because no one we are teaching right now is from tracting. The current investigators are all member referrals (speaking of which, you should be praying for people to have the missionaries teach!). Yesterday, in church we all 3 spoke and sang in one ward and in the other ward we sang. We were pretty much the program! I told them it was a good thing we showed up or they would be out of luck! LOL

We went over to this less active member's house and his wife has Huntington's disease and he has some leg problem so he just sits at home and watches his wife! It's soooo sad :-( I hope that we can at least bring a little joy into their life because he is just so distraught; asking why it had to happen to her and you know the normal "why" questions. We had zone conference and it was amazing! We talked about goal setting and it was very inspiring. I got to see Sis. Jensen and some of the elders from my MTC district which was exciting. I miss the MTC but I like helping real people :-) There is a member family that wants to take us to Shiprock. I really want to go before Christmas so I can get you guys some Indian stuff but I don't know if we will get a chance so we will see :-)

My new favorite food is pudding! I eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner :-) (but I get sugar-free) It's so good! We have come up with many concoctions that use pudding! Everything I eat is sugar free because my companion is hypoglycemic and she has to eat whole wheat products and no sugar. We are kind of doing it with her, awesome hu? I am almost not a sugar-aholic, yay!

I think for Halloween you should be Sonny and Cher! or be missionaries!! Ha-ha you can both put your old name tags on. We got these wigs from one of our investigators and so we are going to the ward party as "old" missionaries, or something lame because we can only stay for the dinner :-( I was thinking it would be fun to be Elders LOL, but who knows, If you have any creative ideas for me I would love to hear them :-)

Well, my life is pretty boring to people in the real world (chuckle)! I don't know what else to tell you (it's kind of sad when I start sharing my pudding concoctions ha-ha) but I love you all so much and hope all is going well. Always remember to be looking for someone for the missionaries to teach:-) . Member referrals are the best!



Monday, October 13, 2008

Oct 13

We have two baptisms on Saturday and they both went really well. They are both so amazing and strong. Steve asked if he could bring his cat, meatball, to the baptism and we didn't know what to say, so we said sure... Haha and we couldn't tell if he was being serious or just kidding, so when we get there he has a white fuzzy cat in his arms! And we were like oh man! But then we got closer and realized it was a stuffed cat, so Steve made this cat be in all the pictures and its name is meatball 2 and sister Sorensen has to take care of it, so we decided that we are going to mail it to each other every 4 months like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but this would be "Tripanionship of the Traveling Meatball"! So anyways Steve is a social worker and he was interviewing for a new job and they asked him how he deals with his stress and anger, and he said he used to use a punching bag and lift weights, but now he relies on his faith in Jesus Christ! Isn’t that awesome :-)

Then there is Karen and she is amazing too (I will send pics home) she is so spiritual and she cries at everything, but she walks into the church on Saturday and she is just beaming and she was like you have no idea how excited I am! And she started to cry and was like “the man underneath was doing everything in his power to not get me here today but I just can't wait!” She's so cute and after she was dunked she comes up and goes "is it a-go!?" Haha she moved out of our boundaries so she is with the elders, which is a bummer because her daughter and husband aren't members and I bet with some time they will start to investigate! I wish I could teach them because they are an awesome family.

So remember how Lucy (I don't know her last name) from the ward was telling me about New Mexico and stuff? Well her dad is the ward mission leader! Haha crazy huh? It’s a small world. We ate dinner at her parents’ house last night and her mom is hilarious!! I love her, she just talks and talks and is just the cutest thing you will ever meet! She is from Korea so she made us Korean food and it was so good!

It was so funny one night me and my comps were just telling jokes and laughing and the district leader calls and I tell him I have a joke for him (I didn't realize I was on speaker phone and the zone leaders were up for district meeting.) So I tell this joke: there are a turtle and a giraffe eating lunch together and the turtle says to the giraffe 'hey pass the salt' and the giraffe says 'what do you think I am, a typewriter' HAHA! So obviously it doesn't make sense right? Well everyone was like uhhhh... so they next day after district meeting all the elders circled around me and are like so I heard a joke last night, and one elder was like ‘yea we don't get it, I was trying to figure it out all night. We are just dumb elders we don't get it.’ Oh man!! My comp and I just laughed!! It was so funny that they were actually thinking about it :-) So now we tell them a joke every night.

So last Monday we went out an hour early so we could come in early and we made brownies and played sequence. It was really fun and in our apt we have one of those film strip things so we watched this film strip about introducing the church to our friends and it was sooo funny and cheesy! The first step is to show your friends "I am a Mormon who cares" and then next step is "other Mormons care about you too" haha!!! So that inspired us to make our own movie called "A day in the life of a tri-panionship" we haven't started it yet, but that's on today's agenda. Dad, if I send a few videos home on my SD card, would you be able to put them together in a movie and burn them to a DVD??

My goal is to finish the standard works while on my mission and I’m in exodus so that's exciting! I love the Old Testament it's really funny. There is this one chapter where the daughters want to carry on their dad’s, Noah's, seed so they get him drunk and sleep with him!!! Haha who knew stories like that were in the bible! We finished moving Janie which took a long time but it's true when they talk about loving those you serve. I have really developed a love for her.

How's Alex doing? I haven't heard from him in a while.

So square dancing eh? That sounds interesting. Haha

Dad, is Cortez that town you were telling us about that you were driving down and there was a big deer that just walked down the street? I remember you telling us about a conference in Colorado, that's funny that it was Cortez haha! (Note: it was a bear in Durango. brm)

I haven't heard of that English program Abby wants to do but it sounds like a good experience. Two of my roommates from the summer went to Ecuador and took care of orphans, and I heard of something where they go to china and teach English but I haven't heard of one where they travel around. I think Sis. Sorensen’s sister is in china right now teaching English. I can ask her about it, but I don't think she knows very much.

I don't think that bishop is still the bishop of that ward at Tuscany. I think they are only the bishop for 3 years or something like that... but I’m pretty sure he is gone now. Tell her to try to get Bishop Archibald if he is still the bishop.

I think I am going to wait to send my sd card back until we get the video then I will, but I will drop some pics from the baptisms in the mail today. :-) It's getting colder so if you could send some sweaters in the mail that would be great! Love you all and hope life is going great!!! I miss you tons


Monday, October 6, 2008

Oct 6

Well the field is a lot different than I thought it would be. I love it but different! My companions are really nice and I love them to death. One is from Idaho Falls, and she is going home next transfer, and the other is from Syracuse, Utah and she is going home in December.

We have 2 baptisms on Saturday which is exciting... I had absolutely nothing to do with them, but it's still fun to see. One of the guys is this big Indian and he is a social worker and he talked about what a struggle it is to see children treated so poorly and try and keep his anger under control but since he has been focusing on Jesus it's helped a lot. The other one is a lady from California and she just felt the spirit prompt her to move here, so she did. And then the missionaries started teaching her and she is getting baptized! She is awesome and we are trying to work on her husband and daughter. The members here are awesome! They are all so nice and fun (mostly younger couples with kids) and we have a dinner appointment almost every night... which is not good for my diet! I can see how people gain weight. I am working on eating smaller portions but it's hard to have a really good home cooked meal every night and not take advantage of it! I mean I have been in college eating ramen noodles for 3 years! Ha-ha.

It’s getting a bit chilly here just the last few days so that's kind of a bummer but oh well what can ya do!? I will think about what I want/ need for Christmas... but all I really wanted was a Wii so I dunno what to ask for now... haha in the morning all we do is play Nintendo on that imaginary tv we have... it's a blast :-) Conference was AMAZING! I loved it! Especially Pres Monson's talk about enjoying the journey! We got to listen to all four sessions which was nice.

So mom it sounds like you are busy which is awesome! How are the sisters? Are there new ones? Haha sounds like Janie and the lady from Atlanta should be friends! YOU FINALLY BOUGHT A COUCH!!! Yay! Send me a pic when you have it all done :-) sounds like everyone is doing well, I hope Abby is making friends. That’s a bummer but it sounds like she is focusing more on school which is good. Oh it's getting cold so I think I will need some coats and sweaters when you get a chance. That’s a bummer that dad will be out of town next week :-( you should come to Cortez!!! Haha it's beautiful here. Oh I don't know if the office told you but you are supposed to send my packages via US Postal Service because then they can forward them to me.

Did you send the sister's over to the danglers?? I think they would at least listen and they seem in tune with the spirit.

I am trying to think if anything else exciting happened this week... we haven't tracted a lot, we usually have lessons or visit members but when we did go, everyone is Baptist!. It’s so sad everyone seems to be struggling for money, there is this one investigator who about a year ago had rubbing alcohol on him (don't ask, this story doesn't make sense) and he fell asleep with a cigarette and he lit himself on fire!!! So now he is still all itchy from that and he doesn't have enough money to go to the doctor or even drive there and no money for food, but he has about 8 dogs that he has to feed! So he spends all his money on these dogs that he is trying to sell but he will call and complain for an hour about how he doesn't feel well and he has no food to eat!! So we invited him to a dinner appointment with us and he wouldn't go! Haha man, people are so funny... Well I need to write President so I will let you go! Have a great week.
Love you Xoxo