Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well sounds like things are going well over there.

Yesterday we went to the temple. It was amazing! I just love going! It gives me so much spiritual strength (physically it drained me!) We ate at Macaroni Grill afterwards. I haven't been out to eat at a nice restaurant in a long time, it was nice. You know me I love to go out to eat at fancy places. My comp was slurping up her spaghetti and Sister Boisselle (former comp) said "well no one will mistake you for being refined"! It was kind of mean but funny at the same time. It's a long drive down there (about 3 hours) so 6 hours in the car makes for a long day.

Other than that, things are going really well. We don't have our greenie yet, hopefully soon! But not yet.

I am glad to hear that Lauren liked the scarf. Mom, I will make you one too if you want it. Or if you want a different one or something else just let me know.

Alex you should look up the company that made that shirt, they have some "sick" (in the good way) shirts. (Their logo is on the back)

We have about 1600 members but there aren't very many active members, needless to say home/ visiting teaching is really a struggle. they are all nice but I think people are just starting to warm up to me. They don't open up for a while.

Pres Anderson spend 1 year of his mission in Shiprock so it is his baby. But the missionaries we serve around are crazy. They aren't too bad and we keep them in line. Although there are some Elders that have a dog! It's so cute! They brought it to district meeting last week and they said I could babysit it for a few days. But I am going to wait until its house broken. (Sisters don't appreciate the smell of dog pee).

We live in a very ghetto trailer that is falling apart and VERY small. I don't know how we are going to fit 3 people in there but we will make it work.

The work is going really well! This week we had some really good days! We had a few investigators just fall into our laps! I just love when that happens :-) so we are keeping up our faith and keep praying that we will get our 8 baptisms. We still have 3 weeks :-)

The Shiprock fair is coming up next weekend which is the same weekend as conference. Everyone says that it takes about 2 hours just to get across the bridge so we might have to walk up to conference and camp out all day. But I am so excited for the fair. All the culture and fry bread yum! Jewelry and all that good stuff! So it should be a blast.

It's starting to get cold here. I am bummed I hate the cold! This morning it was 29 degrees ah! Too cold for me! Mom, I don't think I need any winter clothes I have too many clothes as it is. I will have to send some summer clothes home soon.

For Christmas you should probably just save the money for when I get home so I can buy clothes or stuff I need. I will need new clothes because I am fat now :-(

Llove you and thanks for all the support and love and prayers! xoxo

Sister Marchant

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hey everyone!!

Things are going great. You will never guess what we did today!!?! Butchered a sheep. My dream came true :-) It was so awesome I loved it. No throwing up and no fainting- so it was a success, right?! It was so cool to see. I am so glad I had that opportunity :-) I will send you some pics later we don't have much time.

Sounds like everyone is doing well. I am sad I missed Muskegon. I love going up there! But, count me in next year :-)

I am glad to hear that Abby has found her niche! That's always nice to find something that you can excel at, I am just glad that she realized it so soon in life! Plus when I get home she can do my hair for free! Yay :-)

I am so jealous that you are going to Chicago that's my favorite city ever! I hope I can do my internship there when it comes time!

Brett's baptism went really well! He is a really sharp kid and he is so excited about getting the priesthood, :-) it's awesome. The stake president said that they need more Melchizedek priesthood in Shiprock ward so we need to target those eligible, and they will be able to get it in 6 months! So I am so excited to tell Brett because he really wants to be able to bless his family. (There is no dad in the home and he is the oldest so I think he feels a sense of responsibility for his family)

Other than that, all our investigators are so flakey! This week we are going to have to get out there and find new ones. We need a new teaching pool. It's hard to start over but I am sick of everyone not keeping commitments and never being home for appointments!

So anyways that's life! I want our greenie to come so badly! It will make things go better I think.

Love you and glad to hear all is well! xoxo

Sister Marchant (your fav sister missionary EVER!)