Monday, August 31, 2009


Dearest family!

Well guess what?! I am staying in Shiprock and training. Well sister S and I are training together. I guess God doesn't trust us to train alone! Just kidding, it's because she is getting surgery so she won't be out for a few weeks! I am really excited it should be a grand adventure.

Other than that things are going great! I am so glad I get to stay in Shiprock. I don't feel comfortable yet so people don't really know me. Plus my comp takes over the conversation so I don't say much but I think that having a 3-some will be really fun. I loved being trained in a 3-some! So we will see how it works :-)

The Shiprock fair is coming up in October. Someone told me that you will never see so many Navajos in one place so I am excited. If you want cool Navajo stuff made by real Navajos just let me know and send me some money (I am poor and can't afford gifts for everyone) lol. I am excited to be here for that.

We also have a baptism coming up next Saturday. That should be good. His name is Brett and he is about 21 and has had a rough life. When I first got here he was in jail for something and I was like... wow sounds golden...! haha but he actually is! He is very smart and already knows a lot. I am excited!

Things are going great here as always. I am glad that sister s and I get to stay together.
Anyways things are great! We are going to Albuquerque tonight for the training meeting tomorrow morning. I am so excited, I love going to transfers because I get to see everyone. I feed off other people's energy so when all those missionaries get together I just feel the energy and excitement and it makes me excited! Haha I am a weirdo I know!

So life is good! I almost didn't email today, but I knew you would be angry so I did. Haha well I love you all and hope all is well!

Abbs I will fast that you get a job too! And you know the power of a missionary fast is like 10 regular people! jk but I will fast this week for ya!

mom, I will try to send you another pic but I don't' know if I am close enough with any people here to do that yet.

oh! I don't think I told you, I saw that family from Cortez the Largos (the ones that sent the pic) they were driving through Shiprock and we saw each other so I pulled over (apparently almost caused an accident but I don't think so, I am such a safe it was so great to see them! they were getting sealed in the temple on that Friday Aug 21. that was exciting to hear!

Kylee is in Cortez right now so I always talk to her about all the people and it makes me miss it! I forgot about how much I loved it there!

so anyways I have to go another busy pday! I don't know why but we just have a lot to do on pdays here in Shiprock! haha love you and glad to hear all is going great! xoxo

Sister Marchant

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hey family!

Happy anniversary! I wrote you a card a few days ago but haven't had a chance to send it yet! I can't believe you are getting so old! Ahhhhh that means that I am getting old too! EWW

Life is going GREAT! I still love Shiprock!

Yesterday Elder C. Scott Grow came to our mission. It was amazing! We got to shake his hand. He talked about faith and how we can see visions and get revelation like Nephi and the other prophets. That just hit me. He also talked about how the mission is the time to strengthen that faith and to grow. It put a sense of urgency to my studies and desires to grow.

Well love you all and hope all is going well.

Sister Marchant


Monday, August 17, 2009


Hey family!!

glad to hear you are doing well! sounds like you had fun in muskeegon man, i miss michigan! it's so beautiful there, here not so much! haha they do have beautiful rock formations though!

things are going great! shiprock is doing well. Next week we have Elder C. Scott Grow coming (he is the only GA with a sentence for a name) so that should be exciting! other than that nothing too exciting going on.

today we are learning how to crochet. we went to hobby lobby and bought yarn. exciting stuff!

missionary work is going GREAT! we have 3 baptisms next month. i just have a feeling that i am going to leave though so we will see if i get to be there for them (such is missionary life though) i am not positive that i am leaving so don't quote me on that!

mom i am glad to hear that you are liking your calling. all callings are hard at times! but the blessings are awesome! ( i would know)

well i love you all! keep on keepin' on xoxo

Sister Marchant

Monday, August 3, 2009


Things are going great! I LOVE it here! I haven't had time to tract once :-) I wish missionary work could be like this everywhere!

We did a lot of teaching this week and visiting people. We had a Ym/Yw activity in Red Valley Arizona. It is so beautiful there! You drive down into this valley and its red mountains are so beautiful! Look it up on Google, they might have some good pics. We hiked to an arch; it was so fun and it rained the whole time! lol! I got the coolest rainbow pic while there. I will try to attach it but it's a double rainbow coming off two mountains! Ah I love it. It should be in National Geographic or something! And God put it there just for us (because I am sure no one else was even close to around where we were :-) )

Sister S (everyone calls her that because they can't pronounce Sagapolutele) and I get along just great! She is full of personality and spunk, so it makes life more interesting :-)

The next picture is the arch where we hiked to with my comp and me.

The next pic is a teepee. They are just chillin' everywhere. Normally they have the leather on them, not made of sticks. The Native American Church (NAC) does peyote (a hallucinogen) inside the teepees; some people do camp in teepees but most of the time they do ceremonies with peyote. I love the Navajo culture and learning about it.

The next pic (I am not sure if they are in order or not but you are smart and can figure it out) is of me trying to learn how to make Navajo fry bread (its sooooo good but obviously fried) at the Kirtland stake 24th of July celebration

Anyways I hope you enjoy the pics! Luckily the computers here let me attach pics! I haven't been able to do that in my other areas... so I can update you as I go :-)

I will send the pics on a different email it's not working!
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo
Sister Marchant

(Note: the pictures didn't come through but if/when they do arrive- I'll post them. Brent)