Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Well... Cedar Crest is a hard area! Things are starting to pick up this week, but last week our numbers weren't very good. Sis. Boiselle was sick but we still tried to get out and work, so we tried to contact less actives, with little success. It's hard to just "drop in" on people here. We feel bad because we know that is no excuse so this week we are going to work, work, work!!!

As of now, we don't have any investigators and are trying to think of ideas to help the work rather than tracting all day every day. Tracting here isn't the most effective use of time. We are going down the ward list to meet all the members in the ward (active and less active) and ask for referrals. In Preach My gospel it talks about how if you ask for referrals from everyone you will be busy, so that we are going to focus on this week. I hope the work starts to pick up, because I KNOW the "field is white all ready to harvest" we just need to find the white wheat!

Our first day here we tracted into a lady who was taking her husband to the hospital for open heart surgery and she started to tear up when we got there and said that we are what she needed right then. Sister Boisselle said "God knows what you need" and I just can't get her out of my mind, so we were in the neighborhood a few days ago and we decided to knock on her door and see if everything went well, so we did and no one was home, but we left her a note saying that we dropped by to see if Thomas was doing okay and if everything went well and told her to call us if she needs anything. I hope maybe that sparks some interest or at least plants a seed.

We had Zone Conference this week and it was exactly what I needed. I started to slack off on my PMG study but now I study it daily. I have seen an improvement in my attitude towards missionary work and have been more excited to implement what I learn into the work. I love zone conference! It's just always so motivating and exciting, plus you get to meet together with a bunch of other people that are going through the exact same thing you are!

Yesterday at church a guy gave a really good talk and one thing that stuck out was, he said that a parent's responsibility is to help children understand spiritual experiences. I really liked that, because I have never thought about that before.

I got your package! thanks so much I absolutely LOVED that holiday kit thing! We were staying with a different family this weekend while sister Clifford was out of town and they were out of town also, so we left the mobile hanging in their entry way and made the boxes and filled them with candy as a thank you. It was really cute! perfect timing because the mom loves holidays (I don't know if I told you about our "red meal" last week, but it was that family) and she goes all out on celebrating so may she will reuse it next year! The elders liked both of the shirts and they wanted them from me! (especially the Jesus one) but no worries I didn't give them away. lol

Well love you all life is good just keep praying that we will actually get investigators! You are all always in my prayers! xoxo

Sister Lizzie Marchant

Monday, February 9, 2009

Feb. 9, 2009


Well my new area is pretty cool! We are living with members and they have a really nice house. If you want to look it up on Google Earth the address is: 26 Lauren Taylor St., Tijeras, NM 87059

Last week was a pretty hard week. We don't have any investigators and so there isn't a lot to do. We went tracting but it's hard here because there are so many hills. It was a good workout :-) Since we are living with members it's hard to feel comfortable because we aren't in our own space. We have the guest bedroom and a bathroom but we share the kitchen and stuff. It's fun though because they are really nice. Kathie and Tom Clifford are their names. She is an early morning Seminary teacher and he works for some gov. job. I didn't really understand when he told me. They have a dog which is fun! It's a golden lab. They are letting us use their gps and cell phone (until we get our own) so it's kind of fun. It's so beautiful here and the area is pretty wealthy so there are BEAUTIFUL homes. I love the Santa Fe style, which is the style of most of the houses.

My comp and I don't have much in common, but she is nice. I am sure we will get along fine. She is from Canada if that explains anything lol jk. Her name is Sister Boisselle (we just call her Boise) ha-ha

My district leader is Elder Utai. He is from Samoa and he is hilarious because he doesn't care about anything and so he just does whatever he wants! He is very spiritual but when it comes to the rules he doesn't care. It's funny because the first night we ate at the Cliffords (our host family) and we couldn't get into the gate. (I forgot to mention that tracting is hard when about 65% of the people have gates). So, E. Farnsworth jumped the gate to have them let us in. Then at dinner S. Boise and E. Farnsworth (we call him Farnsy for short) said 'shut up' which is "a forbidden word" in the Clifford household. ha-ha. It was funny because after they left sis and Bro. Clifford were telling us how irresponsible the Elders were and how excited they are to have sisters (E. Utai has been here for 10 1/2 months and for the last 2 transfers they have been covering Cedar Crest and Edgewood). So yesterday EVERYONE was really excited to have sisters in their ward again :-)

I really like the ward, everyone is so nice and willing to help. We have been trying to connect to former investigators and things, but so far no luck! ha-ha But, we are working and it will start to pick up.

That's exciting that Pam and Alan are going to Calgary! It's kind of cold up there but they are going to be awesome! I am jealous! I wish they were coming to my mission!! But Pres. Anderson is amazing!!!!

Mom, I am not training, Sister Boise has been out for 6 weeks so she pretty much knows what's going on. How did you forget to read your scriptures when you were training? It's 2 hours of set aside time... ha-ha jk. It's not too stressful being senior, except for the driving... ugh! That's stressful!

Sounds like amber's wedding was beautiful! I am excited to see how Alex and Lauren's wedding turns out.

I will probably send a package home soon... I have a bunch of stuff I don't use and need to send home. I will send home my planners so you can look at what I have been doing every day for the last 5 months (my 5 month mark is tomorrow... not that I am counting or anything)

Well! life is good! this area is going to be challenging BUT I will definitely grow and become a better missionary so it is good. tell Abby my address is: 4400 presidential dr. NE Ste. E Albuquerque, NM 87109 so when in doubt... send it there :-) ha-ha love you and hope all is well.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feb. 2, 2009

Hello Lake Woebegone!

Well transfers are tomorrow and guess what!?! I am leaving Cortez :-( I am really sad. Yesterday and today I have been saying goodbye... and it stinks!!! Oh well I am praying that I can come back and finish my mission here... we will see. I am going to Cedar Crest. it's in the east mountains of Albuquerque, so I am really excited. My companion has been out for 6 weeks and I can't pronounce her name! The area has been closed to missionaries for 2 transfers (3 months) so we are opening it. I am a little nervous to open an area, but I am sure we will be fine. I will also be going to be senior which stinks because I have to drive now :-( We are living with a member of the bishopric and his wife, so that should be fun! I am ready to leave Cortez so it will be a good change.

So have Pam and Alan been in the church news yet? Every time I can get my hands on one I look to see if they are in it and no luck so far. when do they find out where they are going?

This week has been pretty lame, except for transfer news. I think I have told you about Char and her 2 boys, but we have been teaching them and they are doing so well! She already has a strong testimony, the only thing holding her back is her husband. He doesn't want anything to do with the church, he is being supportive, but she wants him right there with her. So we taught her the Restoration and she already knew the Joseph Smith story and had a testimony of him! I am so sad that I don't get to teach her anymore. But I will get to find people to teach in Cedar Crest :-)

Another family we are teaching, the Cyrs, has finally opened up and told us their reservations with the gospel. They belonged to a cult for a long time and they just got out of it a few years ago, but they don't believe in truth. They were brainwashed for so long and then let down that they have a hard time believing other things. It's really sad that they are so messed up because of some guy that was power hungry! He told them that only the people in the cult were human and everyone else was animals, and that the moon was actually only 9 miles away! Super crazy stuff that makes you wonder why they believed it! oh! He also said the world was going to end in the year 2000 and that the Russians are all going to come over and destroy us soon. Ha-ha super funny!

There is the family, the Sacketts, they are so awesome! One of the families I am going to miss the most. Joe (the dad) is trying to quick smoking, so he can baptize his son. So I told him I would give up sweets until the end of next transfer, sooo... I haven't eaten any sweets in about a week and a half! ahhh who would have ever guessed I could do it. I can do it for someone else, but if it was just for me and to be healthy... not so much. They have 3 little kids and they are CRAZY! but super funny. Maddy just turned 3 and the other day she put my coat on and runs in and goes "Hi, I'm Marchant" it was so cute!! Then, when we were about to leave we said Maddy do you want to come with us? (just kidding obviously) and she goes "shoes..." and she ran and got her shoes and was about to come with us! Ha-ha Her birthday was the other day and Kirsten (the mom) asked what she wanted and she said "cake!" all she wanted was cake :-) Super awesome family! So the other day we were over there and Joe was joking but said "man, I wish you guys could babysit! Kirsten and I need some time together" sooooo we thought hmmm... we can't babysit but someone else can! so we got the Relief Society Pres to babysit their kids and we made them dinner. We decorated their dining room with Christmas lights and candles and the elders were their waiters! It was soooo much fun! Then we left and they had 2 hours without their kids to just be together! It was so funny, they said "man, we don't even know how to talk without kids climbing all over us" I don't think they have been alone in a long time... they prob can't afford a babysitter.

There is another family I just LOVE! they are the Largos. (Abby is friends with Justin on facebook) but they are so awesome! We had FHE over there almost every Monday and they are just a really close family! every time I go there it makes me miss you guys! But last night we went over to say goodbye and Justin and Tyler did the Haka (sp?) it's a Hawaiian dance but it was hilarious! I got it on my camera, so when I send it home you can watch it!

So that's a little about the people I have been teaching... it's a little late because I am leaving but hey! It's crazy because you don't realize the impact you make on people's life until you leave. Yesterday at church a few people came up to me and told me to keep in touch, and I would have NEVER guessed they liked me that much!! ha-ha

The weather here is amazing! I am so glad I am on my mission here and NOT Michigan! ha-ha there is barely any snow, but you still get the seasons. you should definitely look into moving here!

That's awesome that you are going to Amber's reception. Tell her I say "Hello", she sent me an announcement which was really nice.

We were supposed to go to Mesa Verde today, but the elders were being lame and they were "too stressed" and didn't want to go! :-( so I guess I will have to come back, but I am the type of person to make things happen and some people just give up (or they don't really want to go) but oh well! at least I'm just in Colorado... not too far from home!

well I am going down to Farmington (once again) to stay the night tonight and then I get to ride the transfer van down to Albuquerque tomorrow! Wahoo... should be exciting :-)

I love you all sooooooo sooooooo sooooo much!!! Mom, keep the TiVo going, I am sure I will have a lot to catch up on when I get home! love ya xoxo

Sister Lizzie Marchant