Monday, January 25, 2010

25 January 10


our week was pretty slow again but better than last week!

we had zone conference which was really good! we talked about the Holy Ghost and using it in our own conversion as well as helping other's conversion. It was perfect for my last zone conference. i gave my departing testimony. i was really nervous i don't know why. it's one of those things that i always saw other people do but never thought my turn would come.

the mud is really bad here. we got a bunch of snow this week then it turned to rain and so all the roads are just MUDDY! and not just mud but clay. we got stuck because we slid into the ditch but luckily a few weeks ago someone told us that if you jump up and down on the back it helps, so my comps got out and jumped and we got out in about 10 min! we are good. the worst part is, this van drove by and just laughed and kept driving! ugh but it was cool to say that we are self-reliant!

the work is going good! no exciting stories this week. it seems like the work goes up and down. last transfer we were really busy and things have slowed down a lot, so it just leaves a lot of time for finding new people :-) but that's okay

Well our meeting with Richard G. Scott got cancelled :-( i was really disappointed but there is nothing i can do about it!

mom, that's fine if we don't go out to the baby shower. i want to come visit utah though so i can see alex, lauren and the family. maybe after a week or so.
your zone conference decorations sound like they were really cute!

you all have been really good at not talking about me coming home :-) thanks i really appreciate it! it's hard to stay focused on the work and think about what i am going to do when i get home ... so i have no idea what to do! take classes, try to get a job...? ugh! mom, if you have time could you look for any job opportunities?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

18 Jan 10


this week was pretty slow :-( except on Sunday we had stake conference and Elder Romeo Villareal of the 70 came! he held a meeting for all the recent converts (within the past year). we went too of course. it was awesome! and then on Saturday Jan 23 Richard G. Scott is coming to talk to the missionaries, ward mission leaders, and bishops. i can't wait! i have never even been in the same room as an apostle :-) i will let you know how it goes!

That's so fun that you got to play nertz with Lucy and jenny. sis. neilson took us to farmington yesterday. she spoils us, she took us to eat and bought us groceries. Plus she is great company! always a riot :-)

mom i might enjoy going to st. George on the 20th. i need to keep busy or i am going to go crazy! plus it will be fun to see everyone. then Abby and Alex wouldn't have to fly out to Michigan, we could just go visit them in salt lake. just tell everyone not to judge me because i am low maintenance (i don't even blow dry my hair anymore AHHHH)

dad that church is beautiful! Thank you for the pictures, i especially enjoyed the pig's head! haha

we have zone conference tomorrow i am excited! i always love the energy and motivation that it brings :-)

all our snow has melted and it has been raining, so our truk has an layer of mud on it. (not a lot of paved roads around here) luckily it's sunny today :-)

how is everyone's Book of Mormon reading going? i hope it's going good :-) love you all and you are always in my prayers

Monday, January 11, 2010

11 Jan 2010


Arron and Ryan got baptized on Saturday and it was sooooooo awesome! I will try to send some pictures home soon. the spirit was soooo strong there! one of my favorites for sure :-)

Everyone keeps reminding me that i am coming home and telling me how terrible it is to go home. so i need something to jump into to keep me busy so i don't get depressed. i am really nervous! everyone keeps asking me if i am trunky! ugh! somehow the ward found out...

other than that things are going GREAT! mom, i am glad you like that bracelet. did abby get her package? it had al and lauren's in there too...

dad i LOVED your sissy thing! that was hilarious i just laughed haha!

sorry so short but the library is down so we are at the college and we only get 30 min. we will try to get to another computer so i may email you again! love you xoxo

Sister Marchant

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

4 Jan 2010


Hello family!

we had a really good week! we got a lot of good lessons in and... Ryan and Aaron came to church, so their baptism is on saturday!!!! although, the baptismal font is filled up with sewage :-( so i really really hope they get it fixed by saturday! we have been trying so hard to get them baptized and satan just keeps getting in the way!!! ugh.

Also, Marishia (she has had a few baptismal dates but has never come to church) came to church this week! she called us on Sunday morning and asked for a ride! i was soooooo excited :-) it was so good.

Sister Lo told me after that she fasted for them this week! isn't it amazing how fasting really works! it speeds up the process. we pray for them every night but fasting is what they really needed. I can't believe i didn't ever think to fast for them! but it helped to realize the power of fasting and prayer and i need to fast more often!

so things are going great! we got a new companion, another 3-some! her name is sister abney.

i am so excited for aaron and ryan to get baptized! i just hope we could get their siblings. i asked courtney if she was going to get baptized with them and just just looked at me and goes "nooooo"... so we have a lot of work to do but hopefully soon. and gabriel has been MIA for about a week or so. we gave him the book "our search for happiness" maybe he will read it when he comes back.

I also heard that Jessica (one of our investigators from Cedar Crest) got baptized last saturday! i was so happy to hear! so lots of exciting things going on i am so excited for this transfer.

love you all and hope all is well and everyone is traveling in safety!
Sister Marchant

Sunday, January 3, 2010

28 Dec 09

it was good to talk to you all too!!! i really do love the people here and the missionaries i work with. obviously it's hard to work with some people but that's what life is all about. Charity and love! which i have grown in a lot but i still need a lot of work :-)

the pictures are so cute! it looks like the family is all doing so well! everyone looks really good.

We had a good Christmas, Sister Lotulelei got to talk to her family it made her so happy :-) then we went to our Bishops house for dinner it was fun. they are such a sweet family! Then we made dinner for some of our LA and investigators and so we took that to them. (i am not sure if i told you but one of our LA's Ella, he son just died and he was the one that took care of her, now she lives all alone! i feel so bad for her) so it was a great day, and obviously i got to talk to you :-)

we are trying to find those that are ready for the gospel. i once heard someone say that God wouldn't put missionaries into an area that there wasn't anyone ready to hear the gospel... so i am hanging all my hope on that and trying to find those people!

well have fun in southern aren't too far from me! you should go to 4-corners and i can accidentally run into you there! just kidding i get to see you soon enough.

well love you all and hope you have a wonderful break and travel safely where ever you go! xoxo

Sister Marchant