Monday, January 25, 2010

25 January 10


our week was pretty slow again but better than last week!

we had zone conference which was really good! we talked about the Holy Ghost and using it in our own conversion as well as helping other's conversion. It was perfect for my last zone conference. i gave my departing testimony. i was really nervous i don't know why. it's one of those things that i always saw other people do but never thought my turn would come.

the mud is really bad here. we got a bunch of snow this week then it turned to rain and so all the roads are just MUDDY! and not just mud but clay. we got stuck because we slid into the ditch but luckily a few weeks ago someone told us that if you jump up and down on the back it helps, so my comps got out and jumped and we got out in about 10 min! we are good. the worst part is, this van drove by and just laughed and kept driving! ugh but it was cool to say that we are self-reliant!

the work is going good! no exciting stories this week. it seems like the work goes up and down. last transfer we were really busy and things have slowed down a lot, so it just leaves a lot of time for finding new people :-) but that's okay

Well our meeting with Richard G. Scott got cancelled :-( i was really disappointed but there is nothing i can do about it!

mom, that's fine if we don't go out to the baby shower. i want to come visit utah though so i can see alex, lauren and the family. maybe after a week or so.
your zone conference decorations sound like they were really cute!

you all have been really good at not talking about me coming home :-) thanks i really appreciate it! it's hard to stay focused on the work and think about what i am going to do when i get home ... so i have no idea what to do! take classes, try to get a job...? ugh! mom, if you have time could you look for any job opportunities?

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