Monday, February 8, 2010

8 Feb 10


I will need to keep myself busy busy busy. I was thinking about volunteering at the hospital or something part time while I look for a job, so that way it isn't so depressing because looking for a job is the worst thing in the world!! Also I was thinking about moving to Utah with abs. I dunno... when I get home I am sure that I will know what to do.

This week has been great! Last Sunday one of our investigators that we have been working with on and off came to church! She is reading the BoM and praying everyday! I just love to see people actually take our commitments and do something about it! And then see that it actually does work :-) crazy isn't it?!

Yesterday we helped this family clean up their Hogan probably the most disgusting thing I have ever had to do. There is a layer of dirt and something black all over the floor. There were dirty diapers just chillin' on the floor, clothes everywhere, etc. they had done some laundry and they hadn't hung it up to dry yet, so I picked up this blanket to fold it and it was wet so I said "oops this is still wet" and asked the little girl to hang it up to dry and then she goes "oh, no my sister peed on it" AHHHHH! The mom tried to cover it up and said "no she spills milk a lot"...right! Oh man!!! Afterwards our hands were black! We had to soak in boiling hot water :-\

My district leader is going home the same day as me and so at district meeting this week we are having a "funeral". His comp is giving a eulogy. My comps won't give one for me :-( but we are having funeral potatoes and watching "Labor of Love" ha-ha it should be fun!

Welp just trying to soak up as much info as I can while I can! Love you all and I will probably email you next week too :-) LOVE YA

Sister Marchant (for only 9 more days :-( sad!!!!)

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