Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well hello there,

This week has been pretty good. Things are still picking up a lot and the whole ward can see the positive effects of the 40-day fast! They were a little skeptical at first but they are starting to realize that it does help.

We are still planning a fireside but we are pushing it back to April 26. I am excited it should be really good.

I love Cedar Crest. We have taken some of the young women out with us, and on Saturday we took a girl named Lindsey. She was so awesome; she did some door approaches and was very comfortable. She wrote Sister Boisselle and me cute little notes about how much it meant to her and how much she could feel the spirit when we taught. It was really sweet of her, and it was fun to switch things up and have someone else with us.

I love Sister Boisselle. The more I am with her the more I understand her and appreciate her. She is amazing and has taught me so much. My appreciation for her has grown so much this week. I am not sure why, but I feel a lot closer to her. Maybe there is a storm ahead that we need this bond to endure, but I am so glad that I have the opportunity to serve with her. She and I are completely different but it works.

Our investigators are all doing the same. Lisa is progressing towards baptism so hopefully we can get her dunked before we leave! Ha-ha

Dad, I can't believe you are one of those guys that falls asleep on the stand!!! Just kidding I have been a witness of that for ages!

Well just want you to know that even though I don't share my testimony every week it's still growing daily. (How could it not!?) And I love this church with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. I am grateful for this opportunity, although it's hard to be away from you all, I would never want to trade this to be home. Hope all is well! Love ya xoxo

Sister Lizzie Marchant (cover all my bases)


Well well well...

Life is pretty good. Not much has changed in the past week.

Sister Boisselle has been sick for the past 6 weeks or so and it's getting old! Ha-ha I wish she would just get better because it's hard to focus on the work and missionary life when you have so much time to think. I just want to be out doing missionary work!!!! lol but finally she got a blessing yesterday and she is taking medicine so hopefully she can get better ASAP! Ha-ha

A lot of our appointments canceled on us this week, which is a bummer but we are on for this week!

We had zone conference this week which I always love! we focused on making sure our area books are updated every day and also finding activities other than tracting... speaking of, thanks for the Sally Deford website mom! We got a few songs from there. Our fireside is coming along but kind of stressful!

It has been cold this week :-( and on Friday we got like 6''-8'' of snow! It was mostly melted by the next morning but still... I just want warm weather!!!! Today there were some flurries... ew!

Last night I had a dream that I was coming home and I started bawling because I didn't want to go! Ha-ha it helped me realize that I do want to be here. This week I have been kind of homesick, but I know I don't want to go home.

Well I hope all is well and life is treating ya good! Love and miss you all tonz xoxo

Sister Lizzie Marchant

Monday, March 16, 2009


Well hello there!

My week was good! Sister Boisselle and I are both staying here in Cedar Crest. I am breaking my cycle of a new comp every transfer. I think we will both be here for a while; 6 months or so, but we will see.

I bet ripping the wallpaper of the kitchen was fun... you should send me a pic of your new couch and stuff! It was super cold last week... it even snowed! But this week seems to be better (so far... it IS Monday!) haha

Lets see... what else happened this week? Same ol', same ol' our investigators aren't coming to church and that is kind of frustrating.

We are working on a fireside. we wanted to have it on Easter Sunday, but too many people are out of town so we are going to have to push it back. We are reading through The Living Christ and having songs inter-mixed.

The wedding in Hawaii? Sounds like fun! It also sounds expensive... i want to do that except I want to get married in the London temple, unless the Rome temple is done. Then I want to get married there :-) lol Oh well. Hope all is well! Things are going well here.

Love you

Sister Lizzie

Saturday, March 14, 2009



I am doing well, starting to feel settled in Cedar Crest. Finally starting to feel like I know the ward and my way around places. It's hard moving areas but it's been good. I have definitely learned a lot from this area.

The weather here has been pretty warm until today! It was snowing :-( but it started to clear up! Hopefully it doesn't last until tomorrow. tracting in snow is not my favorite thing to do.

Mom, I forgot what I sent home, but if it's cute send it :-) People feed us way too much food I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the time I get home I am going to be ginormous! jk Hopefully I can get it under control by then.

Yea, the mannings are awesome! Bro. manning is hilarious! That's crazy that you know them. So far you have know someone in both of my areas... we must be a pretty popular family around the country (well around New Mexico) haha .

We are teaching a lady named Lisa and she is awesome! She said last week that she wants to be baptized but wants to know more first and she also wants her son to be baptized! It's so cool and her nephew just started getting active again and is about to put his papers in to go on a mission, so he is going to be in the lessons and last week he added an AWESOME testimony to the lesson! I am really excited about teaching her.

We are also teaching a family, the Salgados, that has investigated before, but yesterday we had dinner with them and 2 other families in the ward. So we had to go to another appointment, but after we left Victor told the members that he was in his study group and the topic of religion came up and they asked him if he goes to church and he said "not yet but I am about to join one". They asked which one and he said the Mormons! We were really excited about that, although they won't make time for us to teach them... I don't understand the mixed signals so who knows! haha we will keep working on them.

We are finally getting a steady teaching pool going and things are getting going. not as many people as we were teaching in Cortez, but these people are actually progressing :-) which is the important part.

Transfers are coming up next week! Crazy this transfer went by SOOOO fast! I think every transfer goes faster and faster! It's crazy.

So wedding plans are coming along? May 9th right?
Tomorrow is 6 months! can you believe it 1/3 done... man I didn't believe people when they said it flies by but it really does! But, I don't feel like I am 2/3 of the way from being perfect... I guess RMs aren't perfect :-\

love you guys and hope you have a great week!

xoxo lizzie


Cool pictures!! (Hawaii) Well the weather here is amazing! I love it :-) It's in the 50s or so and it's Feb! (well now it's march but still... way better than Michigan OR Idaho). This week has been pretty good. Sis. Boisselle was sick so we didn't go out a lot but that's okay because all we had was tracting anyways lol. So I read Jesus the Christ! What an amazing book :-) I LOVE it. I haven't been reading it in chronological order but just the chapters I want to read.

Not much is new, this morning we played tennis for a little bit and it made me glad that I took lessons because I beat almost everyone (elder Utai beat me but I will get revenge after e-mail). So thanks for making me learn! haha

We had stake conference yesterday and Elder Uchtdorf spoke it was awesome! I love hearing from the apostles :-).

Love ya and hope all is well. You are always in my prayers.