Monday, January 11, 2010

11 Jan 2010


Arron and Ryan got baptized on Saturday and it was sooooooo awesome! I will try to send some pictures home soon. the spirit was soooo strong there! one of my favorites for sure :-)

Everyone keeps reminding me that i am coming home and telling me how terrible it is to go home. so i need something to jump into to keep me busy so i don't get depressed. i am really nervous! everyone keeps asking me if i am trunky! ugh! somehow the ward found out...

other than that things are going GREAT! mom, i am glad you like that bracelet. did abby get her package? it had al and lauren's in there too...

dad i LOVED your sissy thing! that was hilarious i just laughed haha!

sorry so short but the library is down so we are at the college and we only get 30 min. we will try to get to another computer so i may email you again! love you xoxo

Sister Marchant

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